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(Just a few of the) Perks of Being a Member of PWR

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When I joined PWR, I was a new business owner and fairly new to the Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake area. My husband, Jack and I had lived in the area two years, but most of that time was spent building our business…I mean really building it. We own Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast and we literally built the house! We joined the Chamber of Commerce and started marketing even before we opened our doors to guests.

During my first visit to PWR, I found the other women amicable but I was still new and not sure who to sit with nor who to talk to, wondered what I was doing there, and if I fit in. We have now been in business nearly four years and I have been a PWR member for a little more than two years. But what I find amazing is that I have made some solid business partners but also some very good friends. I think of them first when I have a business need. Here are just a few examples of how PWR has benefitted me or someone I care about.

  •            I wanted a family photo taken one summer when the kids and grand kids were visiting. It is a motley crew but we all were able to clean up pretty well for Jen (JollyJen Photography) to actually get a decent shot! She professionally cajoled the little ones and the big ones to stand still for a family photo!

  •  I can go to Hickory Hill Vineyards and take friends to their Sunset Saturday concert or for a wine tasting and I always feel welcome. We even had that family photo (right) taken at Hickory Hill! Wendy and family welcome me as well as my guests. She has referred guests to stay with us at the B & B and I send our B & B guests her way for wine tastings.
    WendyBD HH 7
  •       Our housekeeper at Bedford Landings was having difficulty financing her car and was prepared to pay what I thought was an exorbitant interest rate on her new/used car. I took her to see Cheryl at Bank of Botetourt and she helped her with the loan but has since helped her with many other banking issues.

  •         When Jack and I decided to build and operate a Bed & Breakfast we took an sort of aptitude test. We complemented each other in about every category EXCEPT bookkeeping! Bring in JKG Accounting. She has helped us come up with a system that interfaces with Quick Books that we can use and she can understand in order to pull reports.

There are many other examples but I will save those for future shout-outs!  But, having a network of first responders is the best! Thanks PWR!

Karen DeBord
Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast and Bedford Landings Air Tours

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