When I joined PWR, I was a new business owner and fairly new to the Moneta/Smith Mountain Lake area. My husband, Jack and I had lived in the area two years, but most of that time was spent building our business…I mean really building it. We own Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast and we literally built the house! We joined the Chamber of Commerce and started marketing even before we opened our doors to guests.

During my first visit to PWR, I found the other women amicable but I was still new and not sure who to sit with nor who to talk to, wondered what I was doing there, and if I fit in. We have now been in business nearly four years and I have been a PWR member for a little more than two years. But what I find amazing is that I have made some solid business partners but also some very good friends. I think of them first when I have a business need. Here are just a few examples of how PWR has benefitted me or someone I care about.

There are many other examples but I will save those for future shout-outs!  But, having a network of first responders is the best! Thanks PWR!

Karen DeBord
Bedford Landings Bed & Breakfast and Bedford Landings Air Tours