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A Shade Brighter/Affordable Home Outlet
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Industry Represented: Gift & Antiques
Instagram: @ashadebrightersml
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Phone: 540.871.0321

Originally from a small town in Ohio, I have been a Bedford County resident since 1989, and a Smith Mountain Lake resident since 2007. After working with my husband (George) of 28 years at his business (East Coast Auto Source), then staying at home with my three kids (now ages 23, and 20 year old twins) when they were young, I wanted to go back to work outside the home. I needed something different that would allow me to be a more creative. In March of 2006, A Shade Brighter was born. Initially, people thought we sold only lamp shades and window blinds. Neither of these were true. So, in March of 2009, we expanded and moved into the Downtown Moneta shopping center and added the name Affordable Home OUTLET to our sign to better explain what was inside our store.

I have always appreciated a bargain when shopping, so I wanted to give my customers nice quality designer items at outlet prices. Originally we sold only furniture and home décor, but with the ever changing economy, the need to adjust our merchandise to meet the demands of our shoppers was necessary.   You can now come to A Shade Brighter/Affordable Home OUTLET to shop for décor, designer men’s and women’s clothing and handbags, jewelry, accessories, antiques, and unique cards & gifts. We buy from wholesalers, so our merchandise is close-out and deeply discounted. If you see something you like in our store, buy it today, because it might not be available tomorrow. If we don’t have what you want, let us know. If we can get it, we will - and at a fantastic price!