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Floyds' Artworks
Industry Represented: Fine & Commercial Art
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Lisa was born & raised in the San Francisco Bay Area & earned her Degree in Commercial Art. Her passion began with a crayon & her career at age 15 in 1979. She & her husband Dale of 28 years, daughter 26 (& son-in-law 28), & son 24, have worked as a family all over the United States & both their children still do it all for their living.
They offer Fine & Commercial Art in the greater Smith Mountain Lake, Virginia area since 2004 in ALL Sizes, Styles, Mediums, & Subjects of: Murals, Faux Finish & Decorative Painting, Canvas Art, Painting Parties, Signs, Regular Painting of Walls, Cabinets & Furniture, (& all other kinds of projects our awesome clients dream up!), plus promote the business in every way we can!
We often create "solutions" to needs that were seemingly impossible or cost-prohibitive, saving time & expense & are a custom-fit. We work well with subs & enjoy collaborating, including the client in the process. * From HUGE (45,000 sq. ft. facility with something painted on nearly every wall) to small-but-mighty Focal Walls * Professional, Clean, & FAST * We always donate extra to Non-profit Organizations & Community projects. * Extensive research (at no extra charge) ensuring every project is authentic, accurate & one-of-a-kind!
We’ve got you covered! Simply call for a free consultation to get started...